A Walk around Woodinville

Bleu and Pup

One of my favorite day-off trips is to nearby Woodinville. From the moment I followed my GPS to find to my now-favorite hardware store, McLendon’s…I felt a distinct small-town vibe going on here. It’s a feeling I crave more of in my daily life…that quiet small townishness…and when the pull gets too strong, I head to Woodinville for a few hours. I’ll grab a coffee on the corner at Starbucks…wander over to Molbak’s for some garden inspiration (this wonderful place NEVER disappoints!) — and if you stay too long, which is quite likely, you can grab a meal at the delightful restaurant inside surrounded by plants and statuary and beautiful things in every direction. My recent favorite “find” at Molbak’s is this delightful dragon…I need to find the right spot first, but one day he’ll come home to live in our yard!

molbak's dragonAfter Molbak’s I’ll wander down the street and stop for a few at DeYoung Park, which has tables and a trellis-covered walkway, and offers a peaceful place to rest or socialize. This little park is also home to one of the area’s most delightful statues…The Gardener:

This happy statue was created by Georgia Gerber, who I found out via another blogger is the same artist who created Rachel the Pig down at Pike’s Market, the Lowland Gorilla and Baboons at Woodland Park Zoo, Husky Spirit at UW…and many others throughout this area. Sidenote…I’m now on a mission to see and photograph them all…so look forward to future blog posts on them!

The statue at the top of this entry was not a Gerber creation, but rather that of Shelley Curtiss, an Oregon artist. It’s called “Bleu Dog and Pup” and was commissioned and donated to it’s Woodinville home in 2005 by longtime area resident Malka Fricks. Malka was dedicated to getting art into the Woodinville community, and served on many Woodinville boards and committees throughout her lifetime.

Right next to the Bleu Dog and Pup statue, is the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse:

woodinville-school016It’s one of Woodinville’s only remaining historic buildings…and this particular schoolhouse, though expanded over the years, was originally built in 1909. It sits on the site of Woodinville’s first public school which was inside the home of Ira and Susan Woodin in 1881.  I love walking around this old building…I can just feel the history there in its brick walls and aged panels outside the entrance. I think about generation after generation of Woodinville children passing through this doorway over the years:


Sorry about the crazy angle…I’ve been experimenting with different photo angles lately and this was the only one I had left of the entrance. I kinda like it honestly.

To wrap up my day, I usually drop into Haggen’s for some treats for home and then head out until next time…which is usually not too far away because I truly love every minute spent in this little corner of Woodinville.

To be fair…there is A LOT more to Woodinville than I’ve talked about here. This is just one of my favorite ways to spend a no-deadlines afternoon soaking up the downtown charm. I’ll post about those other Woodinville things down the road sometime, I promise!

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